Phil Sayer

Phil Sayer - a voice you’ll hear regularly if you use train services in the UK. This former BBC North news presenter is the male voice used on most of the automated information systems at stations across the country, and on parts of the London Underground network.

He has voiced literally thousands of radio and tv commercials, and specialises in e-learning and corporate narration work. His warm but authoritative style is in demand for training and information programmes on a wide range of topics.

He is a confident performer for the cameras, and at live events, too. In-vision training programmes for Mercedes-Benz UK and Toyota UK have kept him busy this year, and he regularly appears live at key events around the world for multinational engineering company Alstom. Phil’s combination of technical expertise and clear speaking manner mean he is ideal for getting across complex messages, even where English isn’t the audience’s first language.  Facilitating conferences, Q&A session chairing, and “Voice of God” assignments are all part of this versatile performer’s repertoire.

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Phil Sayer
Phil Sayer


Degree in Psychology (B.A 


Phil Sayer is a former BBC regional television & radio presenter. He lives in Bradshaw, Bolton, where he runs a voice-over recording studio business (Sayer Hamilton) with his wife, Elinor. The couple have twin sons, Alex and Ben, born in 2005.

After a spell learning his radio craft in the Middle East and in London, Phil moved to the North West of England in 1976 to join Piccadilly Radio. Later, he moved to the BBC in Manchester as an in-vision newsreader, combining his TV news duties with a daily radio programme on Radio Manchester.

These days, he presents corporate video programmes, and hosts conferences, for a wide variety of clients, from large companies to government agencies. Either solo, or with Elinor, his voice has been heard on literally thousands of radio and TV commercials, as well as e-learning, training and educational programmes.

The multinational power engineering company Alstom regularly invites Phil to destinations such as Hanover, Amsterdam, Delhi, Bangkok and Montreal, to perform highly-technical 3D engineering presentations at specialist exhibitions. He recently completed a series of in-vision sales-training programmes for Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars.

You're just as likely to hear Phil's voice down the phone while you're on-hold as you are to hear him apologising for a late train; his voice is used extensively across the UK’s rail network on automated PA systems.

Phil prides himself on being easy to work with, happily accepting direction, and willingly offering his own ideas and experience to help make each job as effective as it can be.


Motoring - motoring correspondent for GMR Radio, Manchester, and member of Institute of Advanced Motorists, Music, News and Current Affairs, Technology.

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