Anna Perry

TV & Radio Presenter, Researcher,  Actor, RADA Tutor, CTVC: Radio and Television tutor, CRTC: Television tutor, Travel, Writer.

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Anna Perry

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Trained Speech and Drama
Specialist. Diploma Rose Bruford. 
Training College of Speech and Drama.
Interviewer, 5-8 featuretts, 15' and 30' programmes on wide variety of subjects contributed to:
BBC RADIO 4: Break-away (Travel programme, including solo trip to Red China), Schools, Sunday, Today, Woman's Hour, Further Education (three 30'programmes in New for Old series1985), Co-presenter & reporter On Course 1987 (7 programme series on further education) Ditto 1988.
BBC RADIO 2: Diet and Health correspondent for Night-ride (5-6' talks including series on nutrition).
BBC WORLD SERVICE: Outlook; interviews include Dirk Bogarde; Cassius Clay; Roald Dahi. Beryl Grey.
Features on most subjects, including monthly series looking at life in a Devon village throughout a whole year; feature on Ayurvedic medicie.
Network UK:  Compiles and presented 15' programmes. Subjects includes autism, abortion, euthanasia, drink and driving, anorexia, conservation, cottage hospitals, criminal compensation, prostitution, etc.
Science Action: Recent medical items include allergies; addiction; cancer research; nutrition i sport; Oxford Prevention against Heart Attack and Stroke Project; new-style nursing at Radcliffe Infirmary; transcendental meditation.
Full length 30' documentaries, including After a Fashion (Jeff Banks). The Sweet Scent of Success (Story of perfume), and The Face of England.
UNS RADIO SERVICES: Currently: numerous interviews, featurettes, chairing of discussion for syndicated local radio tapes.
BFBS/SSVC: Items of topical interest to service people, to slot into music and consumer programmes.
FRENCH-SPEAKING COMMISSIONS: 30' radio programme on old age, commissioned by international pharmaceutical firm - both English and French speakers.


CTVC: Radio and Television tutor; specialising in interviewing, voice technique and writing for radio.  CRTC: Television tutor.  UNS RADIO SERVICES: How to be interviewed by local radio.


TIMES: Travel article on Lanzarote (Co-Written with Cass Allen).


Relief continuity announcer - TVS Southampton.
Interview/presenter for BBC Training (current affairs and magazine programmes - film and studio).
Presenter for Dr's Club within monthly programme for BMTV (British Medical TV).
Presenter & interviewer: Video for Univite Nutrition Ltd on the Micro Diet.
Presenter & interviewer: Video report of symposium on Medical Applications of Transcendental Meditation given at St. George's Hospital, Tooting.
Presenter (as "Ward Sister"): Video on Bard Foley Catheters.
Presenter & Interviewer: Open College Videos.
Presenter: Birds Eye in-house training video.
Presenter & Interviewer: Introductory video to Transcendental Meditation.
Reporting for British Medical Televisions monthly video programme for GP's. Subjects include: Selection & fitting of contraceptive caps, Head & Body Lice, Warts, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, Dysmenorrhoea, Health & safety at work (2 progs), Child Sleep Problems, Scabies, Hypothermia & Chill Factor, Computers in General Practice (2 progs).
Researcher - British Medical TV programme on problem of pain, (Arthritic & Period pain). Interviews in Japan, India & U.S.A.
Reporting for Dentistry Video Magazine on Motivating Patients Towards Better Oral Health.

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